I specialize in the Turnbridge Manor and Hunter's Creek neighborhoods and not just because I live here.  It's because I love everything about this neighborhood.  My husband and I moved here to this neighborhood a little over a year ago. We searched all over Frisco for a new home.  There was a foreclosure in the Turnbridge Manor neighborhood (the stuff legends are made of, but that's another story) and after 5 months of negotiating with the bank, we still couldn't get it out of our heads.  We made one last offer and it was finally accepted. It took a couple of months to fix up the house, but then we were finally able to move in.  Of course the very next day the backyard fence fell down, but oh well.  The reason we couldn't let this house go was because of the neighborhood.  We love that our kids can walk or bike to every school, and especially the new middle school.  No more buses! We love the parks and biking trails, swimming pools and the fishing pond. We love the quiet streets.  We love hanging out with our neighbors after we put the kiddos to bed. We love that it's just a couple minutes from 121 and we love that we finally have a gas station on this side.
I truly love this neighborhood and make a huge effort to drive the streets on a daily basis just so I know every home by heart. I have done this for the past year.  This is why I know I am the best qualified Realtor to sell your home.  If you are interested in selling your home, buying a home or just need real estate advice, give me a call today!
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*449 Homes
*Collin County
*Nearby Intersections are 121 and Independence , 121 and Custer

City of Frisco0.461910
Frisco ISD1.420000
Collin County0.240000
Collin College0.086300

*Park, Playground, Pool, Splash Pad, Shaded Kiddie Pool, Putting Green
*Closest City Park within 5 minutes walking distance - Limestone Quarry Park
*Parks boasts after school fun feeding the ducks (mom and dad just had 5 little babies), turtles, and fish and not too mention some of the largest games of Tag around, and no one is immune to being tagged IT.
*HOA holds monthly meetings, usually on the third Wednesday of every month and also has yearly Easter Egg Hunts, a Fall Festival, neighborhood garage sales and the much coveted Yard of the Month sponsored by Calloway's nursery.

*Schools include Exemplary Isbell Elementary, Currently Exemplary Scoggins Middle School (neighborhood will be rezoned to Vandeventer Middle School), and Recognized Liberty High School.
I love Frisco ISD because they have gone out of their way to keep the schools very small and personal.  Isbell is one of their smallest schools and just serves the neighborhoods of Turnbridge Manor and Hunters Creek. 
Everyone knows everyone.  Anytime one of the moms is running late to pick up their kid from school there is never a worry that their kiddo will be alone or something could happen to them because there will be 5 moms hanging out with that kid waiting on mom to show up.  I had moms there waiting with my son Grant and I've waited with other kids on their moms.

Below is link to a news story from last month about a little girl in our neighborhood.  The whole neighborhood  came together. Shari organized, Kelli made signs, I got poms poms for the Kindergartens, the Mayor was called, Kevin got the camera crews out there, the list goes on and on.  Now there is a calendar circulating the neighborhood where all the neighbors are signing up for a day to bring the family dinner for the next few months.